The Fabricating Center

From a service based support shop for machining, to it’s own entity…

Finding the balance between artwork and function.

The Fabricating Center, a high precision fabrication shop, will work alongside you where your needs are. Our team consists of well seasoned, highly skilled welders and fabricators who are CWB certified.

We have implemented the technology required to maximize fabrication accuracy and efficiency. We often utilize digital models to create flat patterns for our CNC Laser Cutter and bend sequences for our 4 axis CNC Press Brake.

As a division of The Machining Center, you will still get all the service, quality, and security you may have come to expect while working with a company in existence since 1988. Our in-house engineering, design and machining capabilities offer comprehensive solutions for your fabrication requirements.

Onsite welding services, installation and millwrighting is available as requested.

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Take advantage of one-stop sourcing for all your mechanical needs!

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Our Capabilities Include:

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The Fabricating Center is backed by our Design, Engineering, and Machining Capabilities.