Endless intricate designs can be achieved through precise cuts (+ or – .005” accuracy) by our 4KW Fiber Laser Cutter, equipped with a 5’ by 10’ table.

We can cut up to ¼” thick in aluminum, 3/8” thick in stainless steel and ½” thick in carbon steel. Laser Cutting enhances our efficiency in-house while also allowing us to expand our current services in sheet metal. It gives us a competitive edge by providing a very quick, accurate, repeatable, and professional overall project.

We also provide Laser Engraving on a variety of different organic and metallic materials. You can provide us with the item/material that requires engraving or we can source it for you. We can provide engraving from many different file sources including images from your cell phone!

Have a picture of your favorite pet you would like to forever immortalize in wood? We can do that!

These services are supported by our in-house Engineering, Fabricating and Machining, enabling you to take advantage of one-stop sourcing for all your needs.

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Laser Cutting Request

Our laser can cut flat layouts within a 5 ft by 10 ft area.
Providing .DFX files will results in lower programming fees.
TMC also has laser engravers on site that can engrave all steels and a variety of composites.

    Select Material

    Stainless Steel
    (0.030" to 0.375")

    Mild Steel
    (0.030" To 0.500")

    (.025" to .250")


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    Our shop is well equipped to efficiently complete parts in sheet metal.

    This service is also backed by our machining, engineering, and other fabrication related services.