Practical Design and Engineering: The Evolution of TMC’s Design Integration and Innovation

The Machining Center (TMC) recognized the opportunity to add engineering capabilities to their scope in the early 2000’s, as customers increasingly requested design and administrative services. In 2008, Dick (TMC’s founder) implemented Solidworks 3D CAD to offer a range of design services and Solidworks PDM for project management. Since then, TMC has expanded their Design Team by adding mechanical engineers that are licensed by the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

The collaborative approach between TMC’s engineers and the rest of the TMC team creates a unique synergy between design and the actual manufacturing process. This integrated approach results in engineers who are fundamentally familiar with current fabrication and machining processes. As a result, TMC’s engineers developed a deep understanding of what is feasible and practical, leading to more efficient and cost-effective designs. In addition, this has enabled TMC’s clients to realize their design intent without the hassle of having to coordinating multiple vendors themselves.

TMC’s mechanical engineers offer a wide range of innovative solutions and can meet you at all stages of your project.

Some of these services include:

Whether you are looking to refine your existing design/process or spearheading a new project, TMC’s Design Team is a great ally in achieving your goals.