Diversified Knowledge and Experience at TMC

The Machining Center (TMC)  provides practical, mechanical solutions through their machining, fabrication, design, and engineering services. They provide one-stop shopping for individuals or companies who are looking for low runs, custom parts/ repairs, turnkey machinery, reverse engineering or prototyping.

 TMC believes that quality, innovative, and practical solutions are best achieved through a synergistic and diverse team. Their team members are creative, ambitious, and empowered by the challenges that come with dealing with a variety of work. They engage their team by providing them with a workload that requires constant versatility. To achieve this, they service many different industries such as aerospace, agricultural, automotive, nuclear, packaging and food processing (to name a few).

TMC’s team is made up of manual machinists, CNC machinists, welders, fabricators, laser operators, press brake operators, designers, and engineers. They constantly work to cultivate and develop a team culture that values inclusion, communication and continuous improvement at its core. This opens the door for innovation and new technology adaptation because their team members can explore their ideas without judgment.  TMC strives to provide an environment where every team member is a student and a teacher of their trade. Their engineers learn from their machinists, their machinists learn from their welders, and their apprentices share and sometimes implement their ideas with their managers. TMC’s team works collaboratively on most projects and shares best practices and ideas internally.

Innovation and improvements can be achieved in a variety of ways but, it always starts with someone who has an idea and a safe place to share it.