CWB Certification at TMC

What is CWB?

CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certification is a value-added process for any business offering welding and engineering services. A certified shop is monitored quarterly to remain compliant as well as provides credibility and assurance of quality to potential clients. This certification demonstrates that the business meets or exceeds industry standards for welding procedures, personnel qualifications, and quality control. It enhances the business’s reputation, instills trust in customers, and opens opportunities for contracts requiring CWB-certified services. This ultimately contributes to business growth, quality control, and competitiveness in the industry.

What does this mean for TMC?

The Machining Center is currently CWB certified to CSA standard W47.1 in the 2nd We have been a certified shop since 2012 and our welders are certified to weld structural steel with MIG, Metal Cored-wire, and all position SMAW. We are also certified to weld structural stainless weldments with GTAW.