A bit about TMC’s ISO System, Certified Inspections, Parts and Materials

“In basic terms, our ISO system is in place to ensure we say as we do and do as we say.”
Frequently Spoken by Owner, Kevin Wolters.

The Machining Center Inc. (TMC) believes that the best outcomes are achieved by investing in the relationships they have with their team, their customers, and the community around them.  Their values are rooted in quality service. This is evident in the way the team servers one another and in the way they serve their customers and community.

ISO / QMS System

TMC originally became ISO9001-2008 Certified in 2007. Dick Wolters (previous owner) recognized that ISO provided a unique framework for implementing continuous improvement within in many aspects of the business. It also provided an extra level of external accountability for quality control and best practices. Over the year’s functioning within their ISO System became a natural way of doing business. Maintaining their Quality Management System (ISO System) does not seem like another task on the to-do list, it is simply a system that TMC functions within. 

In 2016, TMC became the first company within their sector to become certified in the updated ISO9001:2015 standard. Sarah Wolters (one of the new owners of TMC) assisted multiple companies within their sector by answering questions and sharing samples. Although this may have helped strengthen their competition, the owners at TMC believe in supporting strengthening Canadian Manufacturing Community as whole.

Inspections and Controlled Materials

TMC provides many different types of certified inspections. Every job that enters the shop is classified with a specified inspection class based off the customer’s requirements. The inspection classes are noted on the work orders (travellers) that go with the part/assembly.  They have reporting systems in place that can include inspections completed by their in-house CMM. They also have tools in place that are for final inspection only. Controlled Materials and parts with MTR’s (or other forms of reporting) are also available. They have processes in place to ensure that material’s and/ or parts are traceable at every step of the process.

Data Storage

As a value-added service to their customers, TMC provides secure storage of their customer’s data, programs, and drawings (upon request). Repeat parts and assemblies, reverse engineering or design changes can be completed more efficiently, resulting in savings for their customers.  This service also, allows them to effectively support storeroom orders that come through purchasing portals.  Previously, TMC found that often when people exit a company, some information leaves with them. With TMC’s system, they have history with their customers no matter who may come and go.

Reach out to someone on TMC’s team to learn more about their ISO System, Certified Inspections, Process for Certifying Material and Parts, and their Data Management Storage Services!