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Sarah was born and raised in the Quinte Area on her family farm, Huffmandale Holsteins Ltd, operated by her father and uncle – Edwin and Edward Huffman. She graduated from the University of Guelph Kemptville Campus with her Diploma in Agriculture in 2013.

Kevin was also born and raised in the Quinte Area. He grew up in an industrial environment as his father, Dick Wolters, is the owner and operator of The Machining Center. Kevin graduated from St. Lawrence College with his Mechanical Technician Diploma in 2012.

Sarah and Kevin got married in the fall of 2013 and have both worked on the farm and at The Machining Center, giving them a balance of farm and industrial experience, and helping inspire their dreams for S+K Agro Solutions.

Calf Canopy

Portable Group Housing Solution
No Building Permit Required

  1. It is Mobile
    – easy to Clean
    – easy to integrate into your farm
    – can be pulled from both directions
  2. It is Covered
    – less bedding required
    – feed stays dry
    – shelter from the weather elements
  3. It has Optional Curtain Packages
    – provides you with airflow control
  4. No Building Permit Required (in most circumstances)
    – a cost effective group housing solution
  5. It is Adaptable
    – can work with existing hutches
    – can suit to custom needs




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Sarah and Kevin Huffman/Wolters